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Rust is among the most popular games in Spain, a title that has actually increased from its ashes thanks to the Egoland event and that it has once again turn into one of the most played video games on Steam thanks to this unexpected boost in appeal.

The video game, despite being practically 8 years of ages (3 considering that its official launch) has always remained in continuous development adding brand-new functions and features to maintain or increase your swimming pool of gamers and what better time than your brand-new life to provide a new tool that will provide a lot to discuss among the survivors of Rust.

The person in charge of showing it is Alistair McFarlane, among the manufacturers of the video game that they reveal us how drones work, a new functionality that allows us to buy materials in specific terminals and send them to our safe areas utilizing drones as if we were placing an order with Amazon in the not too distant future.

This brand-new functionality that you can see in action right in the video above be available in Rust starting February 4, the day we will see a brand-new update for the first style video game of 2021.

Audience records on Twitch and players on Steam

As we inform you, Rust has actually been the very first excellent phenomenon worldwide of computer game in 2021 thanks to Egoland (an event arranged by youtubers that will end) and that has actually led Rust to break audience records on Twitch gathering 1.3 million viewers during the month of January.

In addition, the game has actually reached its all-time high of concurrent players reaching 244,394 on Steam on Saturday, January 16 at 22:00, being surpassed just by giants like CS: GO, DOTA 2 and PUBG.