The Dodger Stadium COVID-19 vaccination activity was temporarily disrupted on Saturday afternoon, Jan. 30, 2021. Reports indicate around 50 unmasked protesters obstructed the entrance.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman David Ortiz explained the demonstrators triggered the occasion authorities to close evictions. Regrettably, thousands were waiting in their automobiles for their COVID-19 vaccination consultations.

At 2:21 p.m. PT, Mikel Jollett started tweeting what he was seeing while waiting with his mother for her COVID vaccine. The line had not moved for the last half an hour.

He indicated evictions were closed as the protesters started to walk toward the entrance.

It was at least another half-hour later on when the cops got here “in full force.” Jollett’s picture reveals a line of five marked cars. Eviction was opened, and the demonstrators stepped aside.

According to the Los Angeles Authorities Department, no arrests were made, reports The Washington Post.

Another account originated from Adam Michaelson, who was waiting with his 81-year-old mom. He revealed his dissatisfaction with the protesters:

I recognize there are individuals who have been anti-vaxxers for a while but to take this additional action of attempting to prevent other individuals from getting it simply looks like a whole brand-new level of evil.

Michaelson added a protester dressed as a law enforcement officer was directing cars and trucks out of line. He and several others almost left the website.

The protest did not deter the program from injecting all of those scheduled for their COVID vaccines on Saturday. Dodger Stadium is the biggest vaccination website in the United States– 8,000 individuals can get COVID-19 vaccines a day.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s representative, Andrea Garcia, stated no consultations were canceled. She included the mayor’s workplace is “dedicated to vaccinating Angelenos as quickly and securely as possible.”

In response to the L.A. Times article, Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Jeff Gorell tweeted, “It’s back open, but …” He added a “facepalm” emoji.

Gov. Gavin Newsom likewise chimed in with his tweet mentioning the stadium is back open which the COVID-19 vaccine program will not be deterred or threatened.

Jollet, whose Twitter profile shows he is New York Times Bestselling author of “Hollywood Park” and a singer in an unnamed band– Airborne Hazardous Event, added his 69-year-old mother was inoculated. “We teared up. We have actually waited a year for this. Get your vaccine.”

Nury Martinez, the L.A. City Council president also weighed in on Twitter. She was appalled about people who were opposing against COVID vaccinations:

If you do not desire the vaccine fine, there are countless Angelenos that do. 16,000 of your next-door neighbors have passed away, so get out of the way.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the protesters were members of anti-vaxxer and reactionary groups. The Scamdemic Protest/March was organized on social networks with guidelines for participants to avoid using anything determining them as Trump supporters, declaring doing so might eliminate from their message resonating with the “sheeple” who were there for a COVID vaccine.

One indication read “COVID= RIP-OFF.” According to the indications seen at the demonstration, the 438,000 coronavirus deaths validated and reported by the United States health authorities total up to a fraud. Another individual’s sign shouted in all caps the demand that the lockdown must be ended.

Demonstraters screamed at people waiting in their lorries. They opposed whatever– COVID, the vaccine, lockdowns, using masks, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Costs Gates, Gov. Newsom, China, and digital contact tracing. Another point of contention for the group is PCR testing, which unlike the fast antigen COVID-19 test, “spots RNA (or genetic material) that specifies to the virus and can identify the virus within days of infection, even those who have no signs,” according to Memorial Health care in Owosso, Michigan.

Those waiting were subjected to shouts through bullhorns informing them to reverse while they still could and called them lab rats. The protesters also sharing their analyzed to indications written in all caps:

” This is totally wrong,” German Jaquez commented as he waited in line for a COVID vaccine. As a dental expert, he believes being inoculated will reduce the threat of infection for his household and patients. He included:

This is the wrong message. The vaccine is the only method to beat this infection.

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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Jim Epler’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License