And with the arrival of sticks, pucks and skates comes the simultaneous arrival of a cadre of player statistics that are as familiar to diehard fans as their own birthdays and anniversaries.

Obviously, there’s no stat more vital than objectives.

Whether via slapper, snapper, wrister or dangler, the pure goal scorer is the most hazardous weapon in the NHL and the straw that stirs the victory beverage for the most effective championship-chasing teams.

That holding true, the B/R hockey staff was compelled to have a look at each of the league’s 31 teams as the 2020-21 schedule begins and projection who’ll be the most prolific objective scorers come season’s end.

Click through to see our choices for each group and make sure to check development towards our projected overall for each team-leading player as the season progresses. And, as always, do not hesitate to drop a remark or 2 to let us know how our ideas line up with yours.