KEY POINTSProfessional player Freakazoid gives up “CS: GO” to play “Valorant” He is only the current pro gamer to jump to the tactical shooter video game following Corey, Sinatra and Tenzera” Valorant” is arranged to be released this 2020

” Valorant” is yet to be launched, however it has already enticed some severe skills from the competitive gaming scene.

Now, another pro has been added to their ranks after Ryan Abadir – also known as Freakazoid – revealed that he is leaving “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” to play the upcoming tactical shooter video game.

On Twitter, Freakazoid exposed his saddening but informing decision, stating that he is giving up “CS: GO” as he shares the new.

” Often life states out with the old and got ta choose the brand-new. I’m giving up cs and going to be playing Valorant. I can’t wait to be apart of the group that contends at worlds or whatever it’s required it and fucking shit up against groups worldwide. LETS GO,” Freakazoid wrote.

For the inexperienced, Abadir is a veteran in the competitive gaming scene, having played for several groups such as Cloud9, Echo Fox, and eUnited.

Nevertheless, Freakazoid isn’t the very first, and he probably won’t be the last to leap to “Valorant” as the video game continues to increase in popularity. Just just recently, “Overwatch” pro Corey chose to relocate to Riot Games’ upcoming shooter title.

Prior to him, popular “League of Legends” gamer Sinatra and “CS: GO” expert Tenzera likewise moved to “Valorant.”.

It is worth noting, however, that Riot Games has no clear strategy yet about the esports future of the game. “Valorant” is still in a closed beta test, so they are still far from reasonably developing something from the competitive side of things.

Nevertheless, with the arrival of expert players, the game might wind up having one, if not the most competitive field to begin its esports competitors whenever it occurs in the future.

While some individuals may find it strange that these pro players are moving too early despite the unpredictability of the game’s esports future, The Brink noted that there is actually a benefit for them to join as quickly as possible.

Financially, it will not be a huge problem for groups, like building or starting a franchise will not require a lot of money in the start. Rather of signing up with when the league is already big and requires millions of dollars to start a franchise, being a first mover is beneficial.

In the development and training side, gamers who sign up with early can acquaint themselves to the game much better, which puts them at an enormous benefit compared to those who come after them.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for “Valorant,” but it is certainly looking bright for Riot Games.

The game is set to be launched on PC this 2020.

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