Twitch Competitors ran a short Dota 2 event today including 6 groups across two areas and a total prize pool of $100,000, which appears a little odd right off the bat compared to larger competitions with similar-sized monetary incentives.

This is not the first Twitch Dota competition, however it ended up being clear early on that there were a great deal of elements that were ignored or might have been rushed due to the kept in mind last-minute development of the event.

For Twitch Rivals occasions, the lineup of each competition is comprised of Twitch Partners or Affiliates. In this particular circumstances, practically all of the competitors were leading 300 Dota players who formed groups in each area.

Peter “ppd” Dager was asked to be among the NA captains and took it upon himself to make sure as many gamers as possible got a chance to try and participate, but he states in the end, the competition wound up sensation like an internal league.

” This is kind of your group of North and South American players who are best on the fence of being professional Dota 2 players and still not generating income,” ppd said. “These guys don’t get a lot of opportunities to contend for $50,000 unless there are a lot of pro groups in the way.”

Ppd said he thinks the cash prize for the occasion is far too expensive for what Twitch is attempting to do at this scale. He cites his previous experience running the North American Dota Challengers League, a competition for unsponsored gamers with a $10,000 to $15,000 prize swimming pool, and had numerous gamers contending.

Each captain prepared their groups, but since there were only four lineups, no one desired to gamble on an unidentified amount or lower-ranked gamer. The draft was stacked with semi-pro players, which resulted in a high level of play, however it didn’t “encourage inclusivity,” according to ppd.

And while the NA side had a fairly even competitors, the EU bracket was a mess. Unlike the NA occasion, the European competition was split into one EU and one CIS roster, with some big streamers like AdmiralBulldog and Gorgc betting active pros, like Iceberg and ALOHADANCE. Because there were just two teams, the whole series took just over 2 hours to complete and every gamer on the losing group won $2,000 for restricted work.

” I like people in Dota making cash, I think it’s crucial and certainly it’s nice, however to me, this honestly simply appears like somebody at Twitch just does not understand what they are doing,” ppd stated. “This is wrong, directly.”

Ppd explained that he does not think this version of Twitch Rivals did much for the community, and it wasn’t doing justice to the event’s sponsors, Mountain Dew AWP Video Game Battle, Capital One, and Doritos.

” I would dislike for [Jerk Competitors and the sponsors] to state, “Oh, Dota 2 is too complex” or “Dota 2 is a miss,” since it doesn’t have to be that way,” ppd said. “I believe if you just put a little more effort in, and a little more thought, maybe get in touch with someone in the community [gestures to himself] wink, wink, they can assist you put on a quality show that will not just leave the viewers captivated however likewise keep the neighborhood engaged and grateful for the opportunities you have actually brought them.”

Ideally, Twitch can take a few of the criticism leveled versus this tournament and discover a great way to broaden the principle and better balance the level of competitors relative to the offered gamer pool for the next Dota 2 Twitch Rivals event.