Port Vale supervisor John Askey assesses ending the 2019/20 season and the unpredictability about when the next project can begin

He states making prepare for next season is desperately tough as clubs wait to see when football could return.

Vale know their 2019/20 campaign is over after League 2 clubs agreed to close off the remaining games and settle with what they have at the end of the season.

With that out of the way, the Vale issued their retained list, releasing six players and offering contracts to a further 7 whose contracts are due end of June.

The team world normally report back for pre-season training at the start of July, but that is on hold until clubs have some idea of when the next season can commence.

The supervisor explained: “As regards getting ready for next season, we just have to wait. It is the hardest thing often to wait and not do anything.”

” I have actually said to the players that we will look at starting in the start of July as we would usually, however that could alter.”

” The greatest problem clubs have got is that, if we do start training, everybody needs to come off furlough. But if we come off furlough, and games do not start until November, the clubs can’t manage to do that.”

” So it could be a long time prior to we are training.”

In the meantime, the manager has been investigating players and looking at prospective signings, however he added: “It is hard since we can’t actually go over cash because we don’t know where we will be as a club.

” We don’t know when football will draw back so, although I am talking to agents and players, nothing can be settled.

” So, it is simply making the players and representatives aware that we have an interest in them. Hopefully, when things do get back to some normality, we can then begin discussing finalizing.”

The majority of League Two clubs have now provided their maintained lists, validating which players are being offered offers and which are being released.

Vale’s owners have actually allowed the club to make seven agreement deals, in spite of not knowing when next season could start.

The manager says he would encourage any players to sign in the present climate.

He said: “I would be shocked if most of them didn’t concur, particularly under the scenarios.

” My recommendations, whether it was my kid, a player or whoever, would be at the minute, if somebody uses you something then take it, because there are going to be a lot of players out of work.

” You remain in a fortunate position if you have been offered something.”

Askey has actually turned Vale from relegation candidates when he was selected in February 2019, to being simply one point outside the play-off places when the season was stopped in mid-March.

Clubs couldn’t manage to continue the season and, although the manager was disappointed about missing out on the opportunity of promotion, he states that needs to be put into context considering the suffering caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said: “The players have worked hard and everyone has actually supported the club this season, it is irritating we have actually not had the ability to complete it off and it doesn’t look as though we are going to be able to.

” These chances do not always occurred, we were getting more powerful as the season went on and, with the form that we remained in, we would have expected to get in the play offs.

” It is disappointing from that viewpoint but in the grand scheme of everything, it is not as crucial as what has been going on and what will happen on the planet.