MUMBAI: Loco and Red Bull revealed an industry-defining esports collaboration with a mission of transforming esports into pop culture. The collaboration will see Red Bull and Loco interacting to produce and relay esports content across various game categories.

The partnership will kickstart with the live broadcast of the finale of the ongoing “Red Bull Flick” tournament on Loco. This popular CS GO (CounterStrike) competition is created to find the most gifted players in India and is set to happen on Saturday, 13 June. The Loco-Red Bull partnership will also cover occasions such as Red Bull MEO (which will focus on mobile game video games like pubg mobile) and Red Bull R1v1r Ruins (which will focus on Dota). The companies will work together to create extra events which will be announced soon.

Indian Counter-Strike Pro and Red Bull India’s very first gaming professional athlete Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth said, “I am actually delighted to see such terrific involvement in Red Bull Flick. I think we made all the six cups full within 4 days. This reveals the enthusiasm of our community. I understand we are visiting some fantastic matches in the nationwide finals on 13 June. Red Bull Flick is a great platform to display your intending abilities. India is understood to have players with great goal but they discover it hard to make a group and contend. Red Bull Flick is a terrific initiative to assist such players and put them out there. In addition, I am similarly excited to see Red Bull partner with an esports platform like Loco to relay the finals which certainly gives us access to among the biggest video gaming neighborhoods in India.”

Pocket Aces creator Anirudh Pandita stated, “India’s video gaming community continues to proliferate and gaming has now permeated the Indian consumer’s home entertainment experience in a meaningful way. Our objective as a business is to help consumers combat monotony and we are happy to partner with Red Bull in our journey. Red Bull has actively appreciated and promoted esports globally over the last few years and we hope to deal with them to supply wings to the flight of the esports community.”

The Red Bull-Loco association will not only provide a platform to aiming players in India to display their talent however also fuel the growth of this market; placing India on top of the international esports map. Recently, Loco partnered with Fnatic, a leading expert esports company headquartered in London, United Kingdom for a PUBG Mobile charity tournament called #GamingForGood.