Apex Legends gamers joining the video game’s solo line and playing with random colleagues regularly find themselves at the grace of cruel, callous or apathetic colleagues who hardly should have the title. That’s why one fan has developed a system to reward players who actively contribute to the synergy.

Peak Legends subreddit user u/Cazirus designed a system they call “Great Colleague Benefits” to this end. Players would make points for helping colleagues– though Cazirus does not discuss exactly which actions would qualify– and those points would ultimately become in-game rewards.

Cazirus’ mock-up deals experience increases as the very first reward, followed by weapon charms, weapon skins, and famous Legend skins. Players would make extra points if colleagues ranked them well, and would lose points for leaving matches early.

Other games have actually executed similar systems, from Overwatch to League of Legends. None has removed in-game toxicity, but lots of appear to have effectively minimized unfavorable outcomes.