Pink_Sparkles was prohibited on streaming site Twitch last night (Thursday 22nd October), however lots of users on Twitter and Reddit are confused as to why this is the case and when she will be back online.

The 25-year-old video game streamer, referred to as Izzy ‘Pink Sparkles; G, is originally from Poland today resides in California.

She was initially a teacher in Poland for 2 years but ended up being a banner playing League of Legends.

Her Twitch account boasts over 630K followers, while her Twitter and Instagram has 152K and 211K.

She used to date Wow streamer, Zack, widely called Asmongold, in 2018.

Most individuals on the internet are confused to why Izzy is prohibited but some users on Reddit claim that she was promoting adult content on her Twitch. According to the websites community guidelines, sexually explicit and suggestive content is restricted.

All her tweets on Twitter include images of her proving off her body and properties, promoting her OnlyFans account, which she began throughout the summer season.

Nevertheless, her slip was unintentional as she did not understand that her Twitter was connected to her Twitch account, meaning that NSFW content had made it to the streaming service.

According to her Instagram stories, the player will be back on 24 hr after her restriction, so it will be either 23rd or 24th October, depending upon timezones. She stated:

” Jerk f ** ked me. Type of deserved it (not actually). I’ll be back on stream tomorrow and we’ll talk about it.”