Belgrade: The world continues to baffle us. One such instance can be found in from Serbia where a dog got the ‘red card’ for disrupting a football match in Serbia. Yes, a four-legged dog is likewise qualified to get a send-off from the referee for ‘misbehaving’ which, in this case, was to face the field.

An image went viral on the web where the referee called Marko Ivkovic was seen revealing the feared card to the dog. All this occurred throughout a friendly match between Kolubara Lazarevac and Radnicki 1923 Kragujevac. It was likewise published in all the local dailies.

It was mentioned that the pet dog attempted to non-stop chase the football that led to him disrupting the match around four times. The referee was so fed up with this that he had no option besides to reveal him the red card and try to send him off.

The picture was shared extensively all over the microblogging website. Not just that, but it was likewise published on different social networks platforms. Netizens were completely amused by this. They took to the remarks areas and demanded to let the canine play.

“Let the pet dog play,” one user said to which many netizens all agreed. Another person reprimanded the referee and requested for him to not officiate in future games.

The match was won by Kolubara who triumphed over Radnicki 1923 with the scorecard being 3-0. The latter remains in the 4th position in the points table with 29 points. This was a warm-up video game between the two groups prior to the big league starts.