Perkz might be betting Cloud9 next season. There’s definitely no verification or statement from the NA organization however one brief video might be all the evidence we require. EU Mid-turned-Carry superstar Luka “Perkz” Perković appeared in a short welcome video that was sent to premium C9 fans.

Stratus is C9’s $500 premium subscription experience. The service offered behind-the-scenes goodies for C9 fans for a small cost. Cloud9 assured its Stratus customers all sorts of special goods both digital and physical however nobody might have forecasted a possible early appearance at its roster for 2021. The brief video was sent out through Stratus members mentioning that “somebody desires to invite you personally.”

” Hey there! Invite to Stratus.”

Perkz has been making the rounds on news websites beginning with when it was exposed that he was considering leaving G2 Esports. Now that he has actually officially parted ways with his long-time team, fans continuously speculated which team he would sign up with.

Perkz made no announcements concerning his group shift. He just hinted at the possibility of betting an NA team. It’s reasonable to believe that any group would be lucky to have him on the team. Perkz has actually shown his ability to command both ADVERTISEMENT Carry and Mid roles. This makes him a versatile gamer that can fit into any lineup.

Maybe C9 did not plan for this brief video to reach members beyond their subscription, but it’s out of their hands now. Fans ought to expect a main roster announcement from Cloud9 within the coming days. Should Perkz join C9, they will unquestionably make waves in the NA League of Legends region.

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