BEIJING, Sept. 11, 2020/ PRNewswire/– Leading worldwide cultural and entertainment business Perfect World Investment & Holding Group recently showcased its digital cultural and innovative items at the 2020 China International Fair for Sell Provider (CIFTIS 2020).

Films & TV: The Legendary Tavern, Love Under the Moon, Homeland, Year After Year, The Intense Years of Gaodaxia, Burning, Chinese Peacekeeping Force and The Wonderful Era, amongst other works consisted of on the list of the 100 Days of Exceptional TV Dramas in celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the starting of individuals’s Republic of China; Perfect Youth and Stream, winners of the Five One Task Awards sponsored by the publicity department of the Chinese Communist Party with the objective of promoting cultural and ethical development; Perfect Town and The Odor of Heat, two major TV series recommended by the National Radio and Tv Administration for informing the story of the country’s efforts in getting rid of poverty; and The Splendor and The Dream, a legendary TV series chosen by National Radio and Tv Administration as it commemorates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Celebration;

Games: Existing mobile video games Forsaken World, New Swordsman, Zhu Xian, Zhu Xian Mobile and Return of the Condor Heroes 2;;

E-sports: DOTA2 and CS: GO;

Animation: Guardians of the Area;

Education: Pixseed Digital Art Education Base; Perfect Park; and Originale Pura;, a mail box in addition to the very first product of Perfect World Financial Investment & Holding Group’s freshly launched web brand.

The company likewise highlighted its success in worldwide expansion through the exhibition of a number of leading items, consisting of Oscar-winning movies Darkest Hour, Phantom Thread and First Guy; Shadow, a visually-stunning film that embodies numerous special aspects from Chinese culture; and Unruly Heroes, winner of the Annie Award for Finest Animated Characters in the Video game classification; in addition to e-sports games such as DOTA2.

Perfect World Investment & Holding Group continues to support the change of conventional markets with its creative thinking. The business specifically developed Flight Participation Simulation, a video game for airborne tourists, which is likewise Air China’s very first unique onboard video game.

The business also developed an original animation IP Dinosaur Hotel with Anhui Geological Museum as a lorry to promote communications and exchanges around museology.

Perfect World Investment & Holding Group likewise devotes in passing traditional Chinese culture to the younger generation. The business incorporated cultural elements of the Miao ethnic group into its mobile video game New Swordsman, and included components from Dunhuang Mogao Peugeot nine-story building and Crescent Lake, two of the popular destinations at Dunhuang, into the new mobile video game Zhu XianMobile, along with worked with Jingju Theater Company of Beijing to launch Li Yuan Jing Yun, the expansion pack to Return of the Condor Heroes 2.

Perfect World Financial Investment & Holding Group has actually prepared the trial variations of Subnautica and Unruly Heroes at the CIFTIS, where visitors have the ability to play the VR mode Subnautica.

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