Pals, this college basketball mailbag gets here almost exactly one month before we have college basketball games once again in real life.

None of us could be specific we ‘d get to this point– particularly not yours genuinely on the standard drive from Kansas City, Mo., to Chicago after a conference tournament is canceled due to a pandemic– and I suppose we’re not there yet. But the countdown is on. The time prior to containers can be determined legally in days.

We deserve this. Let’s mailbag in early event, shall we?

For college football, we have the blue-chip ratio where teams require to have 50% of their lineup be a 4/5 star recruit to win a nationwide title. Is there anything in college basketball hiring that we can utilize to keep track of how talented entire rosters are?– PJ G.

A fine method to begin the mailbag with the regular season fast approaching. You can take a look at your group’s roster and provide up all hope on …