Ovilee Might, e-sports video gaming host, streamer, and League of Legends meme queen, joins our continuous coverage of CES 2021 to talk about what it’s resembled this past year being a player in quarantine.

Although “player” isn’t truly an accurate adequate description of May, specifically after she dropped her gigantically popular (and hilarious) tune and video parody “WAP” (implying “Weak-Ass Playas”) this past October. “The very first thing you have to know is that whenever I do work with Team Liquid … things get insane! The ‘WAP’ video concept was a huge cooperation. I composed part of the tune, among the directors composed part of the tune, and we just kept tossing it back and forth,” she says. “Ultimately it simply spiraled out of control into the video that is now on Twitter and YouTube,” she laughs.

As far as real video gaming goes– what she’s most known for, of course– May points out a few of her favorites from this previous year, consisting of Stardew Valley 1.5. The game has actually been upgraded, “so I have actually been playing it once again, continuously. I have actually most likely going to break, like, 500 hours playing that video game.” And naturally Amongst Us and Minecraft. “But I indicate, I have my Stardew Valley ‘Shane’ plushy right here– with removable chicken!– so I guess you might state I’m committed.”

You can’t speak with Ovilee May without pointing out League of Legends. What was is it like without the sold-out arenas she’s utilized to? “You need to consider it in this manner: I began watching e-sports when LCS didn’t exist,” she states. “So to me it appears like a higher quality production. However it does stink a little bit to not have the ability to follow the teams,” she says, describing how the season prior she was able to follow the groups from city to city in individual. “To not be able to do that in 2020 really hurt.”

However not whatever is so dramatically different, and May mentions that teams probably won’t be needing to change the method they train and practice. “Everyone is still in their training centers, or their workplace, or their houses,” she states. “The only thing that is going to change about the players is that they probably will not be entering into the studio. It will not be that exact same LCS result.” The changes will fall primarily with the production and content production surrounding the league.

After providing her ideas on what groups will break out this year, she keeps in mind, “We’re going to [have the ability to] see how the groups have developed this year,” and what effect playoff and competition mechanics have. “We just don’t understand,” she states.

As far as what follows for her, May states, “In regards to tasks that I’m pumped for, I’m going to have a pretty huge project and a pretty huge change showing up. Ideally, that will be announced by the end of January.”

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