Fans of the defending champs sang their made-up war chant as the team came out of the changing spaces in Tampa Bay as the NFL piped it into the stadium.

Native American groups have actually required the team, who play at Arrowhead Stadium, to alter their name and prohibit the stereotyping hand slicing motion and chant.

In 2015 the NFL team in Washington dropped its label in favor of the Washington Football Group, and the Cleveland Indians has stated it will change its name,

” I hope this Super Bowl is the last time we hear the ‘tomahawk chop.’ If the Washington Football Team can alter its name, the Chiefs can do much better,” said @robquig on Twitter.

” Chiefs fan here. Yeah, I actually want they ‘d stop doing the tomahawk chop war chant,” tweeted @theandymead.

And @GrantPsych, added: “Nothing screams America rather like the NFL preaching anti-racism while continuing to play the tomahawk chop as the Chiefs go into the field.”

The team embraced the nickname in 1963 to honour the city’s previous mayor Harold Bartle, whose nickname was the ‘The Chief’ and who helped bring the group from Dallas to Kansas City.

They later on added arrowheads as their logo design and named their stadium after it.