After another barn-burner of a League of Legends game, Origen have sent out Fnatic back to the drawing board after taking them down in the LEC’s Match of the Week today.

This time around, Fnatic broke out a Soraka-Leona bottom lane, while Origen stayed a bit more standard with Disturbed on Ezreal and Destiny on Thresh.

Sadly for Fnatic fans, Origen’s team composition would increase in power as the match went on, and eventually it was too much for Rekkles and company to manage.

There merely wasn’t adequate damage to get through Origen’s husky front line. Although Soraka could recover her teammates several times, not having Rekkles on an ADC hindered Fnatic’s teamfight power. This isn’t the first time that this specific group composition has actually failed, either. In Fnatic’s match against MAD Lions the other day, the group broke out Soraka in the bottom lane and lost.

This video game revealed that Rekkles will constantly be Fnatic’s late-game insurance, which he needs to be on a marksman to guarantee the team’s success. Without him maneuvering skirmishes and dealing damage, the team doesn’t look almost as strong as their present record recommends.

On the other hand, Origen have actually gotten better after a frustrating first week efficiency. Their confidence needs to be skyrocketing after taking down Fnatic. Search for this team to ride this momentum into week 3, where they will be facing a red-hot MAD Lions lineup.