Something informs me John Krasinski approves of this short article’s conceit.

As the COVID-19 pandemic started closing down sports and much of society in mid- to late March, the previous “The Workplace” star started a web series called “Some Great News.” The idea: Offer hope and smiles as mass unpredictability and worry filled the country. Krasinski delivered with a variety of little stories and huge tasks, consisting of a virtual high school prom and a “Hamilton” reunion for a young superfan. The series went on hiatus last month after CBS purchased it.

My goal is smaller sized but perhaps just as needed right now: What are some of the most optimistic but practical 2020 results for certain Washington Redskins players?

There are plenty of doubts with this group coming off a 3-13 season and the brand-new training staff presently not able to offer in-person instruction since of the pandemic. That’s a concern for all groups, but especially so …