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Rust is the video game of the moment on the planet of PC gaming, thriving in sales, streaming platforms and variety of day-to-day users. That said, it stands out that, regardless of its popularity, it was when again overtaken by a little area video game on the Steam sales charts.

Recently Rust fell away from the top of Steam’s World’s Finest Sellers due to the Everspace 2 best in Early Access. On this celebration, Facepunch Studios survival was gone beyond by the Dyson Sphere Program, a method title in which you will be a space engineer who should develop a mega structure that will give humanity all the energy it needs.

The remainder of the sales list is comprised of the aforementioned Rust and titles that have been a success in recent months such as Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Phasmophobia. You can see the full list listed below:

Dyson Space Program Rust Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Operation: Broken Flag Cyberpunk 2077 Citizen Evil: RACCONN CITY EDITION (RE2 + RE3) Red Dead Redemption 2 Skul: Thee Hero Slayer Phasmophobia Raft Sea of Burglars

We remind you that Steam organizes these video games according to the amount of income they generated in the last 7 days, however not the variety of copies offered.

What do you think of this list? Do you believe Rust will stay much longer among the very first potions? Tell us in the comments.

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