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The one person we thought might help us endure the doldrums, not to mention leave them, went out.

Maybe he was worthy of much better around him? But Wessi revealed the commitment and got rewarded.

Sammy didn’t – and got rewarded with Wessi’s t-shirt and his own song.

It has been an insane time, and it’s not going to stop any time soon. The goals are clear – so are the top priorities: a) Make certain there’s a club next season, and b) Ensure Lambo is at it. The rest will fall into place.

As for The Male’s 2010-11 season evaluation? Lost to Watford, truth check. Benefited a bit, then got much better. Smashed I ****** twice, 9-2. Showed 23 clubs how it’s done, consisting of the ‘best team in the Chumpionship’ who only took a point off us.

Most likely that’s the exact same school of believed as Leeds being the very best side in League One last season?

We mocked Swansea, laughed at Cardiff. Cried. Promoted. Perfect. Party. We are Premier League. How about that …

* Who knows whether there’s an I ****** equivalent of The Male out there. The Bin Guy possibly?

If there is, reading that specific review of the season ought to be excellent value. Especially the two 2-0 wins over Cardiff that got them six completely worthless points versus a side that should’ve whipped them, drunk or sober.

Rather, it helped send us up, so thanks for that. We’ll return the favour too. The Man can’t wait to see them bum around in the lower reaches of the Chumpionship for another 12 months.

* A word to ManUre. Yes, you’ve thrown your toys out of the pram because those big bad owners ruined your bad club so severely you’re chumpions again (yawn).

However the fun’s over now. We’ll be turning up, taking rightful ownership of our colours and then we’ll beat you. Again.

It’s simply like seeing Norwich? You’ll be fortunate.

* Who would have thought Irish football would be so great? They should be sitting there desperate for Euro 2012 to come around so they can obliterate everybody at a canter.

At least, that’s why The Male presumes Trapattoni feels it’s OK to keep ignoring Wes.

Truly it does us a favour. A little rest and Wessi can prepare to run rings around the Prem, rather than running round for a couple of pointless internationals.

After all, playing well clearly isn’t going to get him the call.