The PogChamps is nearing completion of the group stage. On Friday, Yassuo clinched the final championship bracket berth against MoistCr1tikal, indicating that gamers were defending superior seeding on Saturday. NymN pulled an upset against Forsen, while Erobb and SlikeR both found special paths to triumph.

The group stage is set to end up on Sunday, beginning at 12:45 p.m. Pacific Time (21:45 Central Europe). Once the matches are complete, both the champion and alleviation brackets will be exposed.

Make sure to tune into’s main day 10 protection of the 2020 PogChamps at 12:45 p.m. Pacific Time (21:45 Central Europe) on tv.

Following the draw in between NateHill and Fuslie previously this week, this game had no bearing on the last Group A standings. Voyboy, wanting to assist Erobb justify the validity of his username, resigned before providing mate-in-one and gave Erobb his first win over the board in the occasion.

Off the board, Erobb scored an even larger win, later on announcing on stream that he was a brand new daddy and presenting his stunning daughter on stream!

On the board, the win was not completely undeserved, as Erobb had played his finest game of the occasion, revealing impressive improvement after his previous two losses. Even after losing a piece, he handled to keep the video game close and challenged the competition favorite in essential moments.

With the loss, Voyboy still is the clear Group A winner, netting him the $1000 cash prize. While the League of Legends banner needs to wait for Sunday’s lead to order to determine his opponent in the champion bracket, Erobb already understands he deals with MoistCr1tikal next in the alleviation bracket.

Numerous fans promoted Forsen as the Group C favorite prior to the PogChamps, however NymN brought the fireworks in Saturday’s clash. After winning an exchange, NymN’s endgame method was strong enough to take down the favorite. Chat emerged when he called Forsen a “frozen bag.”

Throughout the interview, Forsen acknowledged the shortcomings of his Budapest Gambit however stated he was relying on NymN to mistake initially. While Hikaru Nakamura had the ability to identify a few locations of improvement, NymN never conceded any genuine chances to his fellow countryman:

Both gamers are now headed to the championship bracket and will learn of their respective opponents tomorrow. Forsen will now play the Group D winner, while NymN will deal with the loser of Papaplatte and Boxbox. With the win, NymN takes the $1000 cash prize for winning the group.

SlikeR won his very first game of the PogChamps against xChocobars, but it was no easy feat. The Canadian banner won a piece early and controlled the video game’s speed till the players reached shared time difficulty, at which point SlikeR proved to be faster and more accurate when it mattered most.

While both gamers are headed to the alleviation bracket, the third-place surface for SlikeR must mean a more favorable pairing in the quarterfinals. Both players will be closely viewing the result of Sunday’s match in between Ludwig and Swiftor to learn who they will play next.

With both players unbeaten, this video game will figure out the Group D winner. Boxbox has been the presumptive preferred, however Papaplatte has emerged as a potential dark horse in the PogChamps, after beating both Swiftor and Ludwig in the previous two rounds. The winner of this match will deal with Forsen in the quarterfinals, while the loser will take on versus NymN. Clocks will begin at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time (22:00 Central Europe) on TELEVISION.

Ludwig’s fans may really be rooting for him to lose this game. With a loss, Ludwig would be ensured to deal with SlikeR in the consolation bracket’s opening round. While a rematch might be what the fans desire, expect Ludwig to go all out, as he’s made it clear that he wishes to win the alleviation bracket. With a win, Ludwig offers himself his best shot, while leaving the opportunity to face SlikeR again in the final. Clocks will start at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time (23:00 Central Europe) on TELEVISION.

xQc’s much-anticipated go back to the PogChamps will be versus Group B’s leader, Hutch. After losing in 6 relocations versus MoistCr1tikal, many gamers are searching for xQc to get better. While both gamers are a lock for their particular post-group phase fortunes, this will be a fascinating test for both sides. The day’s final game starts at 3 p.m. Pacific Time (00:00 Central Europe) on television.

Still deciding who to root for in the first-ever PogChamps? Here’s a fast sampler of each streamer: