The updates in League of Legends do not stop and after starting the 11th season of the popular MOBA from Riot Games, the rioters do not rest to continue including news and enhancements in the Rift.

In truth, for a while The main patch schedule for 2021 is released, useful to inspect the exact dates of each update to know more or less which calendar Riot Games will utilize.

Riot Scruffy, in charge of upgrading the upcoming modifications to League of Legends on social media networks, has actually published what will get here in the patch 11.2 which, by the way, will bring with it Viego, the Destroyed King.

As typical, we will examine and equate what Riot Scruffy needs to state, and will update the post with the main Riot Games spot notes when the time comes. The 11.2 will get here on January 21.

League of Legends Patch 11.2 Notes

Riot Games Assessed and In-Process Changes for 11.2

Changes to object burst

The positions or roles are well balanced

Champions and items that are very rare to see

Support Mythics at an appropriate cost

These styles are the ones that are working on both the PBE and different covert variations of League of Legends, and we comprehend that these are changes that Riot Games is focusing on.

Goals in the next spots (11.2 and later).

The legendary tank.

More variety of support items.

He Essence Reaper and the champs who use it.

Minimized recovery in general terms.

Champions with amplification of treatments like Aatrox or Olaf.

An eye to the champs who are ‘suffering’ with the brand-new things.

Shaco, Senna, Shyvana, Singed, Veigar, Dr. Mundo, Soraka … examples.

Plus mini reworks for a wide range of champs.

Riot Games’ plans are ambitious, and although they deal with a challenging Season 11 to balance (particularly due to the new products), they want not to ignore any aspect of their video game.