ESL to start administering first anti-doping tests at tournament next month

It has long been a blight on athletics and has shrouded this year’s Tour De France in controversy.

And now it appears even video gamers are not unsusceptible to the temptation of using efficiency boosting drugs.

A leading gamer, Kory Friesen, this week admitted to having actually taken an ADHD medicine called Adderall at an Electronic Sports League competition in Poland

As such, the ESL will start a detailed anti-doping program to secure down on substance abuse to enhance performance.

Kory Friesen (imagined) admitted to having actually taken an ADHD medicine called Adderall at an Electronic Sports League competition in Poland.

Gamers such as Friesen (visualized) will be subjected to random drug screening at competitive video game tournaments after the world’s largest e-sports organisation said it is launching an anti-doping programme

Tom Phillips, deputy news editor for the Eurogamer site, told the BBC: ‘I think it’s a big problem if the sports is going to be taken seriously.

‘ Some of the competitors are worth a great deal of money and you might get popularity and sponsorship offers too. You can see why some individuals enhance their efficiency illegally.’

Mr Friesen, 26, admitted utilizing Adderall during the competition in March, where the winning prize was $250,000.

He was playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, in a tournament called ESL One Katowice.

He claimed his previous teammates in Cloud9 were also utilizing the stimulant that enables extended periods of concentration and reduces response times.

He said: ‘We were all on Adderall. It was quite obvious … lots of individuals do it.’

He explained how he utilized the drug out of desperation when his team remained in a losing streak.

‘ It was simply one of those things where it’s like, possibly it would assist,’ he told the New york city Times.

Mr Friesen, 26, confessed using Adderall during the competition in March, where the winning reward was $250,000.

Competitive e-sports is a financially rewarding market and prizes are on the increase – one popular competition is Call of Duty (envisioned) where players can win as much as ₤ 260,000.


Adderall is a brand of stimulant only offered with a prescription. It is normally used to treat attention deficit disorder.

Some people take it unlawfully because they discover it increases concentration and decreases reaction times.

It is also common in American universities where students use it as a study aid.


Following the accusations, the owner of Cloud9 refuted the claims.

Jack Etienne stated: ‘We don’t agree with Kory’s declarations about Cloud9, and don’t condone making use of Adderall unless it was recommended for medical factors.’.

The ESL, based in Perfume in Germany, is the world’s biggest eSports organisation and boasts around six million members.

It is a lucrative market and players contend in global competitions for the chance to win rewards of approximately $500,000 (₤ 322,700).

The organisation said the growing worth of rewards had actually ‘made the temptation of rule-breaking even greater’.

It included: ‘We wish to guarantee we can provide a reasonable playing field for all taking part players’.

The ESL said it would deal with the World Anti-Doping Agency to create a ‘fair, possible and definitive’ policy.

The business said it would perform skin tests at its next tournament in August, although it had not yet released a list of prohibited compounds.

It likewise announced an avoidance programme to educate gamers about the risks of doping.