Both novice Justin Rohrwasser and experienced Nick Folk have actually been put on the practice team and will continue to be examined

It was noteworthy that novice kicker Justin Rohrwasser didn’t kick much during the very first week of training school.

The Patriots fifth-round pick was constantly the first gamer on the field, however that he wasn’t kicking was unusual. Rohrwasser kicked on Day 1, however didn’t attempt a single kick over the next four practices.

According to The Athletic, Rohrwasser was handling an injury which was why he was riding a fixed bike during those practices. When Rohrwasser kicked again, it was apparent something was off as the novice was unreliable and was hooking kicks to the left. Then on Aug. 24, Day 7 of camp, the Pats re-signed seasoned kicker Nick Folk to take on the first-year player.

It was thought the winner of the competition would be decided by cut-down day. Rather, the Patriots are still assessing their kicking scenario after cutting both kickers and after that re-signing them to the practice team.

On Monday, Patriots coach Costs Belichick would not state who would kick in the team’s first game on Sunday, however did discuss he was delighted with the team’s depth at the position.

” Nick’s come in and clearly done a good task with us as we put him on the practice team and want to continue to work with him,” Belichick said. “So, we’ll simply take it from there and see how it goes. He’s done a great task and struck the ball well. Justin has also. Definitely, there’s a big experience gap here. That’s not unusual, either. Again, just make the very best decisions we can on that. We’re lucky we have 2 players at that position that are, I ‘d say NFL quality. Comparable to the quarterback position. We’re lucky to depth at those spots and those are excellent ones to have them in.”

When the 2 kickers completed in front of the media, the competitors looked one sided. In 5 practices, Folk struck 86% (18-for-21) of his efforts while Rohrwasser hit simply 55% (12-for-22). Thinking about Folk was solid for the Patriots last season, striking 82.4% of his field-goal attempts and going perfect on extra points, it looked like Folk was the Patriots next kicker.

As it ends up, the Patriots aren’t done assessing Rohrwasser.

According to a source, Rohrwasser was dealing with an injury to his left leg. The rookie plants with that leg when he kicks and it is believed that the injury was a contributing factory with his inaccuracy. It would describe why some of his kicks were cruising to the left. The Providence Journal was told that Rohrwasser had a solid week of practice last week and it looked like his concerns with the leg injury lagged him.

That’s likely why Belichick described the competition in between Folk and Rohrwasser as a “pretty close gap” on Friday, which was 24 hours before cut-down day.

For now, the Patriots have choices with how they approach the kicking scenario. The Patriots might have Folk and Rohrwasser complete today and then elevate one to the 53-man roster before Sunday’s video game versus Miami.

Because the Patriots had the ability to get both kickers on the practice team, they do not always require to hurry to a decision. New NFL rules mention that each team can raise 2 practice team gamers to the game-day lineup and have them play. No player can be elevated to the game-day roster more than twice, but technically, the Pats could have Folk and Rohrwasser contend today and raise one to play on Sunday. Then, they might do the same thing over the next week before their video game versus Seattle.

It would be surprising if the Patriots didn’t devote to a kicker eventually over the next two weeks, but it’s clear that even after Rohrwasser’s slow start in training school, the Patriots are taking their time deciding.