OG’s full Dota 2 roster return has not been the dream restart the two-time The Global champions were looking for. OG bowed out of the ESL One Birmingham Online tournament today after losing a one-sided series to Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-0.

OG’s lineup looked entirely out of sorts throughout the series. N0tail and co. were outplayed over both video games, while NiP’s surging form has actually been helped significantly by their core gamers’ efficiencies.

The first game saw OG choosing up a timeless Io and Gyro combo, along with a Topson Tiny. It’s a combination that’s won them lots of a video game, however the Aegis bearers weren’t prepared for a wonderful Morphling showing from NiP’s Charlie Arat.

NiP’s carry was undisturbed for the majority of the video game, and rapidly ended up being SumaiL’s biggest counter as he Morphed into the Gyrocopter and destroyed his challengers.

Meanwhile, Topson’s Tiny was largely futile. OG’s mid laner could not rather get his rotations going, and while he did find eliminates on the supports, he typically paid with his own life in the process.

Game 2 saw OG totally caught out by a Meepo choice. While N0tail had caught on that NiP would be preparing some sort of cheese with the Broodmother last restriction, NiP were still able to protect one of Ondřej “Supream ^” Štarha’s favored heroes in the Geomancer.

OG had actually chosen a polar reverse in terms of preparing, this time putting Topson on another one of his signature heroes, Arc Warden. It was an exceptionally farm heavy option and while Topson kept himself near the top of the net worth, OG’s other heroes were ill-equipped to fight with Supream ^’s Meepo. There were peeks of OG’s sensational teamfight execution occasionally, but it was hardly enough.

In the end, Meepo reigned supreme. OG could not summon the necessary defences to keep Supream ^ out of their base, and when the basket of eggs they had actually saved in Topson broke, OG yielded.

NiP now stand 4-2 after their series triumph, good for second best in Group B, and are guaranteed to go through to the playoffs. NiP are presently competing for a berth in the upper bracket but will have a difficult matchup against leading pet dog VP.Prodigy, who is currently undefeated through the ESL One Birmingham Online group stage.

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OG have one last series to play in the tournament vs. Alliance, who has been gradually enhancing because s4’s come back to the company. There’s nothing however pride to bet, but it could prove to be a spirits booster to the currently dour OG.

While fans might be amazed at how improperly OG’s all-star lineup appears to have been doing, this is technically the lineup’s very first tournament together in their brief history. The all-star lineup was assembled at the start of the year and had a dominant run through the ESL One Los Angeles Major qualifiers.

After the COVID-19 pandemic required the cancellations of a number of Dota 2 occasions, both Topson and MidOne were initially not able to have fun with the team online due to geographical distinctions, requiring N0tail to look in other places for options.

MidOne ultimately bit the bullet and started playing from Malaysia on horrendous ping and Topson has actually returned to Europe. It’s not been the most beautiful of starts from OG, however history has actually informed us that an in-form OG throughout the season simply might be their own worst opponents when it came to TI efficiencies.

OG did not win a single tournament in the midst of their 2 TI championship runs. With TI10 postponed forever, fans might need to get used to seeing OG lose a lot more throughout the season.

In the meantime, N0tail and team are almost still a brand-new lineup trying things out, and two of their players continue to play official matches with high ping. It’s not time to worry just yet, due to the fact that it no longer seems rather right for any Dota 2 fan to count OG down and out.