Invictus Video gaming swept Rogue Warriors today in the 2020 LPL Summertime Split with two sub-30-minute video games.

World champion jungler Ning brought Invictus Video gaming’s early game, a feat that he’s not typically understood for. He played Rek’Sai in the first video game and Lee Sin in the second, getting both MVP votes for his marvelous performances.

The very first game started with total supremacy by Ning on Rek’Sai. He secured early leads in every lane and funneled resources into his laners to make their lives simpler and offer them the chance to win the laning phase.

RW acquired some early objectives in the Rift Herald, dragons, and Tower Plates, but it was unimportant compared to the lead obtained by IG. After selecting up the Baron, IG extended their lead to more than 10,000 gold and quickly completed the video game.

RW switched out their solo laners for the 2nd video game, but that relocation didn’t change much. Ning, on his famous Lee Sin pick, duplicated his game one efficiency by creating early leads in every lane and being prepared to counter gank RW.

Without a lead in any lane, RW just fell off gradually, losing objectives and continuously falling behind in items. After getting the very first Baron at around 20 minutes and extending their lead to more than 12,000 gold, IG pressed to end the video game.

Today’s series was a success for IG, showing that they really can play an excellent early video game. TheShy was on point today as well after playing inadequately over the last number of months. He played safe and didn’t overextend, revealing that he can adapt and be a beacon in the top lane for his group without passing away too frequently.

IG completed the Spring Split regular season in top place but lost during the playoffs, losing to FunPlus Phoenix in the third-place match. They kept switching in between their junglers last split but decided to settle on former world champion Ning for the summer season.