During a current interview with TV Expert, Nikki Cross talked about the WWE Women’s Tag-Team Championships, doing commentary, and more. You can have a look at some highlights from the interview below:

On doing commentary: “I wish to say it was Michael Cole’s concept. I believe it started when Alexa was competing versus Asuka leading up to our females’s tag team championship match at WrestleMania against the Kabuki Warriors. Michael Cole is such a terrific individual due to the fact that he was very encouraging. He informed me to be myself. I believe I was dancing on the table and cheering on Alexa. I actually had a lot fun. I believe he is such a fantastic commentator. It has actually been terrific working along with him.”

On when her relationship with Happiness started: “I enjoy to inform this story. For me, what you see on television was quite occurring behind the scenes. We got to understand each other. We did that backstage section, I think May of last year in London. That’s the very first time we had a section, but we both desired to deal with each other. We both pitched the idea. We saw something in each other. That was the start of our backstage friendship. We were taking a trip a lot together and doing these long drives. We were traveling from the same airport, so we ‘d wait on our flights to board and talked away. Our relationship grew from there as we learned more about one another. The audience has begun this flight with us. It was art mimicing life, and life imitating art. I’m so proud of that since it truly originates from an extremely organic location. We both like NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. Although I believe she is a larger NSYNC fan. I’m certainly more of a Backstreet Boys fan.”

On being at the leading edge of the Women’s Tag Group department: “The titles resemble our little babies. I have such pride in the division because there are so many skilled tag groups. Working versus the Kabuki Warriors actually assisted push us because they are so good. The IIconics returned a couple of weeks earlier. We likewise have Sasha and Bayley. Being at the forefront is a role me and Alexa take really seriously. It’s an honor to protect the titles due to the fact that there are numerous fantastic tag groups. We have actually seen this story in between Sasha and Bayley establish too, so I’m excited for everybody to see where that is. There are so many stories to tell, and I think the women’s tag team champion has so much space to grow. We wish to offer it the platform it deserves, even for tag groups that haven’t been established yet. Our tag group came out of relationship. That can quickly take place to other ladies on the lineup with a natural friendship and chemistry. There is no factor way they can’t come together. We desire to keep moving forward. This week is simply another way with the titles being safeguarded on a major platform like Fox. Me and Alexa simply want to do our finest for the golden babies.”

On what two wrestlers she would like to see collaborate to face them: “We had matches with Tamina and Lacey Evans. I do not understand if we can call them Group Mother Bear? Can we do that? Tamina was definitely amazing to me when I initially came near Raw and SmackDown. She truly looked after me. I don’t call her Tamina. I call her Mama Bear. I ‘d enjoy to hear what the WWE Universe thinks about that. You also got Carmella and Naomi, which is another combination we have actually seen prior to in the Elimination Chamber. That’s a group I would like to go against too. If you provided me an hour, I might most likely come up with a bunch of mixes because we have such a remarkable locker space. All 3 brand names have a fantastic mix of talent.”

On using her platform to share crucial issues: “Having a platform as a public figure is an obligation. We have a duty to the WWE Universe. It’s something I do take seriously due to the fact that I desire to do what is right and finest. I wish to raise awareness about problems like social injustice and racial oppression. I believe it’s wonderful WWE put out a statement in the last few days and spoke about supporting a multicultural society and condemning racial injustice. WWE is taking a stand next to the black entertainers and workers and fans worldwide and motivating people to utilize their voices versus racism. I guarantee WWE on that and desire to use my platform responsibly to raise awareness. I likewise wish to educate myself and research study and learn all the ways I can help. I desire to do this for me and my own personal advancement.”