As gamer culture shifted to the mainstream, the Nike umbrella prepared releases to satisfy it. Together with trophy-worthy Air Jordan 1sts for League of Legends, the brand name also caused fond memories by way of the Air Force 1, using a number of styles signature to the 8-bit age.

These influences are now taking further hold atop the silhouette’s Shadow version, its Swoosh modified to a near excessive degree. While the basic shape is still the exact same, the look is far more unique, simulating motion through a dual layer of paneling– the outside clear, inside a smooth blue, and both jagged, pixelated in cut. Elsewhere, by contrast, the upper is even more downplayed as black dyes dress the model’s typical deconstruction. Collars, then, touch up with a little bit of orange in match of the median check, branding (both at the heel and tongue) features numerous logo designs at the same time, and the extra “AIR” along the trim bears a design perfectly on-theme.