OGA Dota PIT season two’s upper bracket semifinals saw OG and Nigma clash today in a rematch of The International 2019 finals. It was a one-sided affair, though. Nigma crushed their challengers convincingly, attaining two wins in a little over one hour.

Nigma lacked captain KuroKy due to an arm injury, choosing for coach Roman “rmN-” Paley to stand-in. This was OG’s 2nd series with returning offlaner Ceb after the stunning departure of North American super star SumaiL.

The first video game saw a surprising style swap from the two teams. Nigma’s draft greatly concentrated on teamfighting with Faceless Void, Phoenix, and Disruptor. The team even got a high-octane mid laner in Pugna, extremely similar to OG’s drafting design in their effective defense of the Aegis of Champions. Similarly, OG took a page from Nigma’s playbook, attempting to shake off Nigma with a Meepo last pick.

In the end, Nigma’s heavy teamfight pulled through. OG’s farming speed was enormous on MidOne’s Meepo and Ceb’s Dark Seer, but they had uncommon counterplay for the powerful combination Nigma performed with aplomb. Net worth indicated little bit when MidOne consistently found himself caught in Miracle-‘s Chronosphere blasted down by GH’s Sunray, unable to damage the Supernova that he was tipped to counter.

Game 2 was a much more dominant showing from Nigma. Choosing an aggressive trilane, Miracle-‘s Phantom Assassin acquired a number of removals en route to a 19-kill efficiency. Nigma’s solo lanes played well too, leaving OG without the solace of their first video game’s farmed cores.

Nigma played at a breakneck rate, anchored by their freeform initiating from both assistances, Rubick and Clockwerk, and the offlane Slardar. Slardar’s Corrosive Haze allowed Nigma to choose up an early Roshan, more encouraging the group’s bloodlust for OG lives.

The two-time TI champions depend on Topson’s Arc Warden to return into the game, however Nigma had his number throughout the match. Real to their style, OG refused to quit until the final moment, but they were unable to summon a hallmark miracle defense with a heavy deficit in core products.

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Nigma have ensured a top-three placing in the tournament in addition to $19,822 in earnings. The KuroKy-less group will deal with Alliance in the upper bracket last of the competition, with the victor scheduling a slot in the grand finals.

OG, on the other hand, drop down to the lower bracket and will meet either VP.Prodigy or Ninjas in Pyjamas in a removal match.