The Mexican gamer of Sporting Kansas City, Alan Pulido is among the 22 thousand lucky individuals who live Super Bowl LV on the properties Raymond James, this Sunday, February 7.

The MLS forward might be seen in some photos released by the group in which he plays in the United States. Pulido used the jersey of the young talent Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, who pin a great deal of their hopes on the passer.

Pulido was signed at the end of 2019 by this group, and ever since he has actually turned into one of the media gamers of the team. Now back that position with your presence at the best event in American football.

Pulido is likewise a fan of this sport and has actually practiced others such as basketball, being the sport he practiced the most and followed when he was young. As a basketball player he was a genuine promiseBut it remained in soccer that he made his launching and came forward in Mexico.

The number of guests are there at Super Bowl LV?

At Raymond James in Kansas City, only 22 thousand fans managed to enter the location, and its capability is usually 65 thousand 890 guests.

Contributed to this data, of that number 7 thousand 500 represent medical workers, who were high-end visitors as thanks and decor to the intense fight they have combated since the start of in 2015, when the Covid-19 it grew in the United States.

For the NFL game, those present they followed lockdown protocols If they came from abroad and if they are regional, the guests in the exact same way had to confirm that they did not experience any problem associated to the coronavirus.

Rodolfo Pizarro is likewise in the stadium viewing the Super Bowl

Also Mexican forward Rodolfo Pizarro, was also welcomed to the Buccaneers stadium and submitted a photograph in the stands, in addition to a video of the halftime show given by the artist The Weeknd.

Pizarro is an Inter Miami player, and managed to attend, due to the fact that the MLS season begins in the next few months and is the perfect time to carry out this sort of activities.