Valve’s flagship MOBA video game has simply got an entire lot of updates to among its maybe more specific niche but good enjoyable game modes. The January 8 Dota 2 spot brings a raft of repairs and tweaks to Capability Draft, which sets you up with a random hero plucked from a lineup of qualified characters and four capabilities selected from a randomised swimming pool, following a Dota 2 “neighborhood bug hunt”.

In the list of Capability Draft repairs are a bunch that tie into Aghanim’s Shard capability upgrades. For example, boosted capabilities like Fire Spirits, Tomb Keeper’s Cloak, Epicenter, Fissure, and Ransack needs to now work properly with Shard, and additionally Valve notes that the spot has fixed “different unreliable Sceptre/Shard markers on draft screen as well as missing or incorrect Aghanim’s tooltips”. Plus, providing your teammates Sceptres utilizing the Greevil’s Greed ability will no longer cause a concern in eliminating your Fragment approved ability.

Elsewhere, the spot has a range of different updates and other repairs to the video game mode. For example, melee heroes now acquire perk range from the Take Aim and Shadow realm active capabilities, and Spirit Bear is now shown on the screen’s left-side as an owned system in addition to in the post-game scoreboard.

There are plenty more Capability Draft fixes and tweaks to have a look at, so we’ve consisted of the Dota 2 January 8 spot notes completely for you below (via Valve):.