Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has actually got a glossy brand-new update today, and with it an entire bunch of modifications to maps throughout the FPS game’s active roster. Together with specific tweaks detailed in the most recent CS: GO spot notes, Valve has also carried out a brand-new graphics setting called “Increase Player Contrast” to help characters stand out more clearly versus the maps’ backgrounds.

As reflected in the June 10 spot notes, consisted of below, Valve’s targeted six CS: GO maps with modifications in the current upgrade, consisting of – most likely to the delight of its fans – Dust 2, whose B website doors have now been flipped. In addition, the A site’s windows have actually been changed upwards a little, permitting players to more easily spot opponents hiding in front of them.

Cache has the most significant number of modifications, with Valve having “tidied up a number of crucial angles” based upon gamer feedback, replaced cargo container designs, other presence enhancements, and more. Train, Mirage, Inferno, and Overpass on the other hand have been given various licks of paint and other presence and visual modifications.

As for the new feature, Valve explains ‘Increase Gamer Contrast’ is a” special post procedure filter” – enabled by default – “that uses to fixed characters, developing local contrast so that characters stand apart from the background.”

It tweaks visuals a little to increase characters’ contrast versus backgrounds and “strengthens edge pixels” from far distances, and adds little touches like a surrounding blur and “contrasting halo” around characters in some circumstances to help them stick out.