The Houston Firecrackers could be on the verge of blowing it all up. General supervisor Daryl Morey is now with the Philadelphia 76ers, Russell Westbrook desires out, and former head coach Mike D’Antoni is now an assistant on personnel under his previous star Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash, the new coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Now, there’s serious speculation that James Harden might join him.

The Internet have been preparing for the 2020-21 season for a while. In 2015, they acquired Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Durant missed all of last season with the injury he sustained in the 2019 NBA Finals, but will reportedly be prepared when the next season begins. Irving missed out on much of last year due to injury, but the young Nets core around those two got the group to the playoffs.

Harden trade reports are running quite rampant right now, with the Nets at the center. It would be difficult to reject the opportunity to include a previous MVP and particular skill like James Harden if provided the chance. He and Durant are undoubtedly familiar from their time with the Oklahoma City Thunder. It might not be the most apparent move for group building or chemistry though.

Harden and Irving are both incredibly ball-dominant gamers, and Durant can be too, though he’s more adaptable, as we saw when he slid into the Golden State Warriors lineup. A lineup with all 3, in addition to sharpshooter Joe Harris and a center like Jarrett Allen or DeAndre Jordan would be extremely harmful, but it would need those three super stars to actually adjust the method they play to really work.

There are already some concerns about the group led by Durant and Irving, and how that combination will play together, regardless of their relationship. Solidify further complicates things, giving the group an incredible ceiling, and adding some insurance coverage to the group in case Durant isn’t quite the very same all-world player that he was before his Achilles injury. It makes things possibly more unpredictable as well.

The reported pieces that might be associated with the move are young Brooklyn Nets star Caris LeVert, who broke out in the Orlando bubble, along with skilled 6th guy Spencer Dinwiddie, young center Jarrett Allen, and others. The Internet had among the much deeper rosters in the NBA, which kept them afloat after the injury to Kyrie.

This prospective move would be one of the most significant in recent NBA history, however right now it is very much in the report stage. When somebody like Adrian Wojnarowski or Shams Charania chimes in, we’ll really see things take off.