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Stefanos Tatsios

29/Jan/21 23:16

Stefanos Tatsios

The strong guy of the Russians, Andrei Vatutin, has actually taken a position on the most major problem that has developed in current days at CSKA Moscow with Mike James.

The Eurohoops Team/ [email protected]

THE CSKA Moscow this “devil weekHe fought against Alba and Bayern in the Euroleague without Mike James and even satisfied “Stunning” defeat from his team Trinkieri on Friday (29/1) in Moscow.

The strong guy of his group Dimitris Itoudis Andrei Vatutin After the main statement of the club, he spoke with TASS about the scenario that has developed with the American guard that this year was a year … MVP (19.9 points, 5.8 helps, 3.5 rebounds, 1 steal in 20 video games) and stressed that both sides are seeking to find the most beneficial service, while responding in his own way to the posts and rumors that need to exist.

His declaration in detail:

” There is an issue and we are searching for a solution that is beneficial for both of them. This will be done soon and we will update. “In the meantime, I do not get tired of being shocked by people who do not have the ideal info and who count on rumors, gossip or other rubbish and seriously discuss what they would do if they were on the team or if it was James.”

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