The Golden State Warriors have actually begun the season off with a strong record of 11-9, and they are presently 8th in the Western Conference. While they have had excellent games, they have also had some putrid losses. They have actually been inconsistent, and might potentially shake things up if they continue to drop winnable games. There is possible to trade for a veteran gamer who could quickly integrate himself next to Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins on the court, and offer some impact on both ends.

The San Antonio Spurs have a player who might assist the Golden State Warriors. Their veteran center, LaMarcus Aldridge is on the in 2015 of his agreement. The Spurs might send him away in order to recoup some possessions before Aldridge strikes free agency. Here is a possible trade package between the two teams:

Golden State Warriors Receive: LaMarcus Aldridge

San Antonio Spurs Receive: Kelly Oubre Jr., Kevon Looney, and Alen Smailagic

LaMarcus Aldridge is a veteran that is entering the golden of his career: he is currently 35, and while he could still supply an impact, he is not what he used to be in his prime. However, he could still make an impact and is a player that groups would desire. The San Antonio Spurs could send Aldridge to a team that would let him complete, and playing next to Stephen Curry would let him do that. The Warriors wouldn’t need to send out much due to Aldridge being an older gamer and an ending agreement.

The trade bundle is included around Kelly Oubre Jr., to match agreements. Kelly Oubre Jr. is an elite defender who typically utilizes his length and athleticism to his benefit. Oubre Jr. has actually been irregular on the offending end to begin the season, but in 2015 with the Phoenix Suns, Kelly Oubre Jr. balanced 18.7 PPG. Perhaps Gregg Popovich can get the very best of the wing, and assist him fulfill his two-way capacity. While Oubre Jr. is an ending contract himself, if he plays well he could get a brand-new contract from the Spurs. Kevon Looney would be a strong player who could play backup center, and let Jakob Poeltl start. Alen Smailagic is a future possibility that could do well in the Spurs’ developmental system. Basically, a well-rounded trade plan that might lure them to trade an elite veteran.

The Warriors could trade for LaMarcus Aldridge to bring in a veteran who will have a solid offensive impact. Even with the consistent scoring of Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins, they have had an inconsistent offense, which has resulted in huge losses. LaMarcus Aldridge would offer a constant existence on the within, and could be a great coach to James Wiseman also. The spacing and stable shotmaking that LaMarcus Aldridge might offer would be helpful to the offense. Aldridge would be somebody who can fit with the Golden State offense due to his solid 3PT shot (34.9% during 2020-21) and gain from playing with an offending supernova like Stephen Curry.

Aldridge’s experience would reveal in the playoffs: he has still got some firepower left in the tank. The Warriors could have James Wiseman take some of the regular season load, and let Aldridge be fresh for the playoffs. Aldridge could be a piece that pushes the Warriors over the top in the postseason. He is a former All-Star and balanced 18.9 PPG just last season. While Aldridge is on an ending agreement, he could straight help Golden State this season. If Aldridge succeeds, who is to state that the Warriors don’t bring him back? Even into his late years, Aldridge could be an elite gamer off the bench and play a similar function on the Warriors as Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston did during the championship years. LaMarcus Aldridge would be a great short-term fit, and the Warriors wouldn’t have to quit a lot to get him.


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