The Denver Nuggets offense sputtered on Wednesday night in the group’s 96-85 loss to the Clippers in game 4 and novice Michael Porter Jr. is making it understood that he wants coach Mike Malone to get him the ball more in the future.

While speaking with the media, Porter Jr. questioned his coach’s method of providing the ball entirely to Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic on offense.

” I imply, that’s actually up to the play calls, that’s truly up to the coaches, who they desire to put the ball in whose hands. We kept going to Jokic and ‘Mal, and they’re two incredible gamers, you can never ever get mad at that. However I just believe to beat that team, we got ta get more gamers involved, we got ta move the ball a little bit much better. We can’t be foreseeable versus that group.

When asked if he felt comfortable speaking up publicly about his frustration with the play-calling, Porter doubled down on his criticism of the group’s method.

” If I’m gon na be out there on the floor playing a great deal of minutes, I think I must voice that (issue). I’ll most likely talk with the coaches, just inform them what I see being out there on the floor. Just letting them understand, ‘Look, they understand what we’re doing.’ Like, we got ta swing the ball. We’ve got a lot of players who can play basketball and score. We got ta get some more people included.”

After Porter Jr’s remarks went viral, Blazers’ guard Damian Lillard chimed in and shared his 2 cents

A few other NBA players likewise reacted to MPJ’s remarks.

Porter Jr. isn’t wrong with being annoyed with the group’s offense but he must have probably voiced his concerns in private rather of calling out his coach in front of the media.