By Stefanos Tatsios/ [email protected]

His team George Bartzokas finished its responsibilities for its first round Euroleague having a record of 8-8 and one less match this in Lyon against Villeurbanne (19/1) and left a bittersweet taste with her image, not because of the varieties of point losses, but primarily because of the constant ups and downs of the video game.

THE Olympic to them 16 first matches of the season it made good sense to provide “ups & downs” because we are talking about a new team in a very unusual year since of coronavirus, however it is a given based upon what he has actually provided so far that he lacks stability not from match to match however likewise from 10 minutes to 10 minutes.

The Eurohoops on the event of the last of the very first part of the routine season of the Euroleague presents you the team activities of Olympiacos but also the unique existence of each gamer on the roster shortly before the start of the most crucial part of the year!

Numbers do not always inform the fact however show the direction for enhancement

This year’s Olympiakos was built by Giorgos Bartzokas and his coaching team in partnership with the administration with the aim of having gamers who can provide more than one position in the top 5, but also with components of athleticism, good shooting and the best defensive mentality to get rid of in 2015’s problems of the team.

After 16 games in the Euroleague, the “red and whites”, apart from the fact that they are still trying to find excellent chemistry in between the players in the leading five and the issues triggered to the rhythm of the team and separately to the players by the adventure with coronavirus cases and continuous injuries, they likewise show that they can not find a balance in between defense and attack.

This can be seen from the numbers as the different faces provided by Bartzokas’s group from match to match has actually led Olympiakos to have the 12th attack in the tournament with 79.5 points on average (increased substantially after 105 points in Russia) and at the exact same time sixth worst defense with 80.1 points!

Offensively, the problem is primarily in the set video game as the lack of another plainly innovative player in the “ace” and post game with the exception of Printezis results in statics with only exceptions the shift when there is a long shot in recent video games where Olympiacos has actually raised its percentage from around 32% to 36.9% and is 11th in the appropriate Euroleague list.

There is also an issue in creating generally in aggressive advancement and not a lot in errors (13.2 points) considering that the Piraeus in spite of having 2 fantastic developers in the area such as Costas Sloukas and Vassilis Spanoulis count just 17.3 helps.

Regarding the individual components of the “red and white” defense with the exception of blocks where with approximately 3 (7th in the ranking) the performance is encouraging, the pressure on the ball is not always effective although there are gamers who specialize in this part (Jenkins, Papanikolaou, McKissick) and this is proved by 6.3 steals in each match which constitute the fourth worst efficiency so far in the Euroleague.

Lastly, the reds have actually pulled back in the last video games in his part rebound where they need significant enhancement in the 2nd round collecting just 30.9 (3rd most affordable harvest) and of course this is a repercussion of their repressive function.

Unique reference must also be made of the effectiveness of the Piraeus in bipedal where they have the fifth leading yield with 55.8% and this is due to the outstanding contact that novice have with the basket Hassan Martin (75.6%), Octavius Ellis (66.7%) and George Printezis (60.9%).

Looking at these numbers, one will believe that the 8-8 record is great for what Olympiacos provides this year on the flooring.

However the reality about the “red and white” preliminary is somewhere in the middle, the margins for enhancement are fantastic based upon the lineup, the quality and the outstanding image on some huge nights, however at the very same time the issues that emerge are essential and the solutions must be found instantly so as not to be accompanied by the year we are going through with the failure to enter playoffs.

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