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HDI Sigorta Afyon Belediyespor hosted Beşiktaş in the 14th week of ING Basketball Super League. Showing a piece de resistance in the last quarter of the match, Beşiktaş won the match 73-96.

With this result, Beşiktaş won the sixth triumph in a row and won the 7th time in the league. Afyon Belediyespor suffered its 7th defeat.

Alperen Şengün offered a terrific performance in Beşiktaş and became the star of the match with 23 points – 17 rebounds. Another young gamer in black and white, Şehmus Hazer, ended up being a star with 16 points – 6 assists.

In Afyon Belediyespor, Francisco Cruz had fun with 22 and Taylor Wright with 16 points.

Story of the Match:

The party that started the video game well was the guest group Beşiktaş. Black-and-whites caught a 6-0 series with the varieties of Şehmus Hazer and Markell Johnson. The house group finished their challenger’s series with 3 guidelines by Egemen Güven and Paul Leissner. Continuing to work with Şehmus Hazer in the offensive, Beşiktaş entered the tv timeout 13-14. Afyon Belediye, who caught an 8-0 streak on the way back from the timeout, went on 21-14. Scoring offense with Tanner Leissner, the house group finished the first duration 25-21 exceptional.

Afyon Belediye began the 2nd quarter by capturing a 6-0 streak with the varieties of Evaldas Kairys and Egemen Güven, bringing ball game to 31-21, increasing the difference to double digits. Beşiktaş minimized the distinction to single digits once again with the varieties of Egehan Arna and Markell Johnson: 31-26. In the match, which was the scene of a head-to-head fight, the host group scored with Franciso Cruz, while Beşiktaş used Şehmus Hazer efficiently. At the end of the first half, Afyon Belediyespor got in the dressing room ahead 42-40.

In the second half, Beşiktaş went on 49-52 in ball game with the effective game of Alperen Şengün. The host group scored 5 points in a row with Fransico Cruz and Tanner Leissner, leading 54-52 on the tv timeout. In the match, which was the scene of a head-to-head fight, Taylor Wright sent out 2 3s in a row and Afyon Belediyesi brought the score to 62-58. The home group finished the last quarter, 64-63 exceptional.

Beşiktaş began the last quarter like a storm. Black and whites expanded the distinction with 3 guidelines sent by Şehmus Hazer and Egehan Arna, however did not offer his opponent a chance to rating and increased ball game to 66-76 in double digits. Having actually made a fantastic game in the last quarter, Beşiktaş continued to widen the space with the efficient game of Markell Johnson and Alperen Şengün and left the field with a score of 73-96.

Quarter scores:

First quarter: 25-21

2nd quarter: 42-40 (17-19).

3rd quarter: 64-63 (22-23).

4th quarter: 73-96 (9-33).


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