Munster Rugby or, Munster Rugby Video Gaming, to be precise, have announced their lineup for the coming season as the well-known rugby club takes its very first step into the world of eSports.

eSports, or electronic-sports if you’re not familiar with the term, is a rewarding market which businesses and brands are seeing with an eager eye as the world of competitive online video gaming continues to grow in popularity.

To put it into context, The 2018 League of Legends World Champion, received a viewership 100 million, 2 million more people than those who watched that year’s Superbowl.

Teams from throughout different sports around the globe have actually established partnerships with eSports. Premier League outfit West Ham, for example, signed Sean “Dragonn” Allen to represent them at FIFA (the popular football video game) competitions.

In the US, the NBA arm of eSports held a draft where eSports teams picked from 102 professional eSport gamers to represent them in the popular NBA2K computer game series.

Eventually, eSports is huge organisation and Munster Rugby are the very first ‘conventional’ sports team in Ireland to go into the eSports market.

They’ve done this by partnering with Phelan Video gaming, Ireland’s most successful eSports team. This partnership sees the team rebranded to ‘Munster Rugby Gaming’. Munster Rugby Gaming will contend in the Northern League of Legends Championships (NLC).

The esports arm of Munster Rugby will make its debut in the extremely concerned NLC on June 17th and will also go into an advancement team in the UK League Championship (UKLC).

Munster’s roster for the coming season consists of Nublar ‘Maxlore’ Sarafian, Aleksi ‘H1IVA’ Kaikkonen, Sebastian ‘Sebekx’ Smejkal, Jordan ‘Shikari’ Pointon and William ‘Unforgiven’ Nieminen.

Enda Lynch, Munster Rugby Head of Enterprise, said: “We are truly looking forward to seeing Munster Rugby Video gaming perform this season and we are pleased to partner with them for this amazing new venture.

” At Munster Rugby, we are constantly checking out methods which we can innovate and bring our brand and high-performance knowhow to new opportunities, and we are happy to be part of Ireland’s first esports franchise group.

” We wish Josh, Jon, Ciarán and all of the team the absolute best of luck in their upcoming games, and we eagerly anticipate celebrating their fortunes throughout the season. We believe that the Munster Rugby fans will get behind the team.”