VALORANT continues to attract the greatest esports companies worldwide. Riot Games’ group shooter transcends organizations from different esports titles and categories. Recently, Multi-world champ OG formally announced its own entry into the VALORANT esports arena. OG went far for itself by winning 2 back-to-back Dota 2 world championships. Now, their new VALORANT roster looks to take the world battling under the famous banner.

OG Enters The VALORANT Lineup

The current Monkey Business banner indications with OG for the first time however the acquisition deal holds more significance for the company. Before OG dominated global competitions, its initial Dota 2 lineup originally battled under the name “Monkey Business.” The group’s owners kept in mind the unbelievable coincidence surrounding its brand-new team by specifying that “in some cases the stars align and you have a chance to do something truly fascinating.”

OG co-founders and co-owners Sébastien “Ceb” Debs and Johan “N0tail” Sundstein spoke excitedly about their brand-new acquisition. Furthermore, the Dota 2 legends considered their new players as the “best fit” for the organization. Monkey Business gets in one of the most acclaimed groups under a great deal of pressure and expectations however they will have a great facilities supporting them.

The brand name new team debuts on February 20 to 21 in the Challengers 2 closed qualifier. One area in the upcoming EU Masters event and validation hangs in the balance for the VALORANT roster. The entry of OG into the VALORANT arena cements the video game’s already established appeal as the next huge esports title. The brand new showing ground for a new group of esports stars will undoubtedly supply its own batch of esports legends.

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