Steam has actually broken its own record yet once again, with 2021 bringing the platform more concurrent users than ever.

Steam has, once again, broken its own record for the most people using the platform at one time.

marketing Concurrent Steam Users Top 26 Million

Steam has just upgraded its Steam Stats page. Here, we can see that the popular video game marketplace and streaming service has smashed through its previous “concurrent users” record with almost 26.5 million gamers online at once.

This is a “peak” worth, implying that it was the highest taped fact within a 24-hour duration. The Steam Stats page is constantly updating, giving Steam users the opportunity to see the number of people are online at any time, day or night. The website shows statistics for a rolling 48-hour period.

You need to keep in mind that this figure connects to how numerous people Steam has visited, not the number of people are gaming. Those come under “active users” and, at the very same time Steam set this record, 7.2 of those 26.5 million individuals were busy playing their preferred titles.

marketing When Did Steam Last Set the Record?

This isn’t the first time Steam has broken its own record in 2021. No mean accomplishment, considering we are only just into February.

At the start of January, the Steam upgraded its stats to reveal a brand-new record, which stood at roughly 25.5 million. So, this record sets a brand-new precedent, smashing the previous figure by 1 million additional users.

Why Is Steam So Popular?

Well, 26.5 million people can’t be incorrect, can they? Steam is an incredibly popular platform for good factor. It has a large wealth of video games to play, it is a safe marketplace for buying those video games, and it has an enormous community of similar people to get associated with.

Is It Safe to Buy Games From Steam?

Steam is the main location to get PC games, however is it safe to buy from? Let’s find out.

Not only that, however the games themselves are a huge draw for Steam customers, too. As I composed this short article, almost 1 million people were playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Half a million were occupying the Dota 2 servers. Concurrent users stood at 25.1 million and increasing, suggesting Steam may have another record stat for us by tomorrow.


Plus, we also need to consider the fact that gaming has actually enjoyed a rise in popularity in 2020, not least because COVID required everyone to stay inside your home. United States video games spending skyrocketed in 2015. Not a surprise there, really.

Steam Continues to Grow

Steam has actually constantly been a popular platform, and 2020 has placed it in an effective position. This is motivating, considering that 2020 was an awful year for many companies.

There are lots of other ways you can delight in the Steam environment. Why not get some pals together and delight in a little remote video gaming? If they’re not Steam customers, maybe you could see about signing them up.

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