He then raised his hand, rubbing his index finger and thumb together, the universal indication for money, money, lucre.

” When we was available in,” he says now, “the players were going house after training, having beans on toast.”

Last year, the expense for running the Dublin girls team was available in at around EUR75,000.

In Bohan’s four years as supervisor – each of which has concluded with All-Ireland success – one of the most they have actually run up is EUR103,000.

By method of appropriate contrast, the expense of preparing the Cork senior girls football group in 2019 was EUR111,000, approximately comparable.

However here comes the inescapable contrast.

In 2017, Kevin McStay revealed it had actually cost EUR15,000 a week to run the Roscommon senior males’s footballers.

Conservatively, over the course of an eight-month season, that includes up to around half a million euro.

In 2015, Limerick county board treasurer Liam Bourke exposed in his report to Yearly Convention that the costs for the county hurling group’s 2019 All-Ireland winning holiday pertained to roughly EUR560,000.

That exact same year, the Mayo senior football group ran up EUR696,890 in expensed mileage alone.

On this, Bohan is eager to make one thing perfectly clear: neither he nor his players are looking for equality. They’re looking for fairness.

There’s a difference.

” We’ve never gone after equality – ever. Since we do not think we should simply be offered that. We’ve gone after fairness.

” Is it reasonable that they needed to pertain to training and they don’t get fed? No it’s not.

” But we’re not putting 80,000 individuals in Croke Park. We have never ever, ever gone around with the ‘poor me’ mindset. We took it on ourselves to go out and make it.”

Some context.

Due to restrictions on teams taking a trip by bus, in 2015 was the very first time girls gamers were in invoice of any mileage allowance, one of the costliest products on any guys’s county board’s annual cost sheet – most especially in the case of Mayo.

Secondly, Bohan has minimised training expense.

In 2019, the Tipperary hurling strength and conditioning coach Cairbre Ó Cairealláin relocated from Belfast to Thurles so he could be on-call for the year.

Plainly, that’s not the sort of cost any women group could validate.

” You could not put a cost on the quality of people I have involved with me,” he firmly insists. “But they’re all in there in a voluntary capability.”

Some of the expense of running the Dublin women group is met by an annual payment from the county board out of their total sponsorship with AIG, however more of it is raised by Bohan and his team.

Anne Heraty, through her business, CPL Resources, came on board. As did KPMG, employers of group captain Sinéad Aherne. The Mater Private assisted with a few of the squad’s medical requirements.

In 2015, Dublin’s nutrition and meal expenses amounted to between EUR40,000 and EUR50,000.

It’s a significant upgrade from beans on toast however it still does not meet all their requirements.

On a typical week, the team fulfill 4 times. To keep costs tight, they go without a post-workout meal after a 40-minute health club session on Mondays, but are fed after pitch sessions on Tuesday and Thursday and their weekend match.

” The important things you simply need to pay for are your S&C (strength and conditioning), your physio, your facilities,” discusses Bohan.

Prior to 2020, the greatest single product on their yearly costs was a training/bonding weekend in places like Lahinch and Dungarvan.

Their itinerary was for 3 days, featuring three training sessions, an internal match, two day-time activities like surfing or cycling, and one social evening.

For 52 people, the entire thing cost EUR10,000.

Staged at a center such as those utilized by some males’s teams, the costs for the very same weekend might easily concern three times that amount.

On the general point of spiralling inter-county group costs, Bohan is determined “there needs to be trimmings that can be made without teams suffering.”

However ideally, he reckons, someplace between EUR150,000 and EUR180,000 would be enough to comfortably run a top-level ladies group in order “to fulfill needs and maintain success”.

The additional money, he explains, would be spent on a 2nd physio to satisfy the needs postured by a 36-player group at a cost of between EUR15,000 to EUR20,000 a year.

Players would not run out pocket for physical therapists, physios and masseurs, as they frequently are at the moment.

And feeding the gamers after their Monday fitness center workout would take an additional EUR12,000 for the season.

Anything left over would enter into the group’s online statistics setup, the majority of which is clipped and fed back by management themselves at an excellent drain on their time.

” However whatever about cash, about resources, it has to do with fairness of opportunity too,” Bohan tensions.

” Do most women groups have an S&C coach?

” Do they have access to the better coaches? Do they have access to the finest pitches. No, they don’t.

” Are they getting the start at six, seven or 8 that the Diarmuid Connollys or Bernard Brogans got? They’re not. Not at the moment.”