If you are anything like me and joined the VR buzz wave back when it was all sticky tape and cardboard, only to be disappointed once the big business dove in and crushed the majority of the hacker-led innovation, the recent rise in modding on VR is a fantastic indication.

I have actually built neighborhoods for mod creators all my life (beginning with ModDB.com in 2002), and the something that no longer surprizes me is how talented and capable mod developers are. Afterall you don’t need to look far for evidence with the origin story for much of the industries greatest hits and gameplay genres able to be traced back to ideas that emerged from mods like Counter-Strike, PUBG, DotA and others.

So the inclusion of creator tools in a growing number of VR games is plainly exciting for a medium that continues to sob out for designers to try new and fascinating methods to make the most of the immersion the form factor supplies.

We have actually currently seen how VRChat grew due to its focus on personalization functions, and the recent launch of Valve’s seriously well-known Half-Life: Alyx with Workshop assistance has actually got lots of thrilled. Intent to continue this momentum through our modding service mod.io, we have actually just recently begun working with a number of VR games to support their modding objectives and are happy to speak about what we have actually achieved with the launch of two mod supported VR games today.

For the first time gamers can enjoy modding supported VR video games on Steam, Oculus and Viveport. What’s particularly significant, is that the support consists of the Oculus Mission an Android based device, which highlights the versatility of the mod.io SDK/API for VR game developers who wish to integrate cross-platform modding, no matter which shop or gadget their players originate from.

The brand-new capability is live in the VR video games SWORDS of GARGANTUA and Contractors VR from today. SWORDS of GARGANTUA modders can produce enemy waves and change opponent, player and weapon stats today. Contractors VR modders can create new maps, guns and video game modes and mix them together to make special experiences.

WW2 and Bow and Arrow Loadout mods for Professionals VR

It’s exciting to be playing a small part in the development of modding on VR, after all modding has always been such an effective source of creativity, it’s interesting to ponder what innovation will come from this.

Developers if you have an interest in discovering how we can help you support cross-platform modding in your video games, contact [email safeguarded] to discover more.