Oscar “Mixwell” Cañellas Colocho is possibly among the most popular and prominent Spanish fraggers in the CS: GO competitive scene.

He made a name for himself by playing for teams like OpTic Gaming, G2, Movistar Riders and Cloud9, before announcing his retirement a couple of months earlier.

Mixwell wanted to start a new expert career in Riot Games’ newest tactical, first-person shooter Valorant. And according to a tweet from Carlos “Ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago (G2 owner) the other day, it would seem that Mixwell has actually taken his primary step because instructions.

According to the tweet, the 24-year old Spaniard has decided to rejoin G2, and be the very first member of their main Valorant lineup. He has actually been very active in the new shooter video game over the whole of the closed beta and has even acquired a number of (five to be precise) tournament wins to his group in Valorant: the most recent being at the EU Twitch Rivals.

Mixwell wished to rejoin G2 because he felt that, “G2’s history shows that they are competitive in every game they’ve become part of, and their material is also leading, many of my fans are likewise G2 fans so it makes even more sense for me.

” The objective is to be the very best VALORANT team in the world and I desire to be the very best gamer in the game, have a good time representing fans worldwide, and I am sure we can do it together.”

Now that his Valorant eSports profession has officially taken off, let’s have a look at a few of the settings which make him so great at the video game.