Dota 2 team 5men, whose players united after Cloud9 and OG.Seed dropped their rosters earlier this year, disappears.

The news comes from a post by EPICENTER, who’s hosting the LEGENDARY League tournament today. 5men, who were taking part in Department 2, will be handed def-losses for every video game after withdrawing from the occasion.

Former group captain MISERY, who verified in a personal post that the players have actually “gone their separate ways,” stated he’s still looking to complete and will begin momentarily streaming.

The stack’s midlaner, Ramus “Chessie” Blondin, composed that “the motivation in the group was truly low” and stated he was “honestly pleased” with the group’s short runs and results despite a “lack of practice.”

While 5men didn’t gain any significant placements, the group argued versus a few of the finest squads in Europe throughout their short-lived stint.

The group at first began remarkably, instantly receiving the Never-ceasing Division of one of the highest-profile online tournaments of the year, the OMEGA League, in the middle of tough tier-two competition.

In the recent ESL One Germany Online, the stack was on the brink of a series success versus Group Nigma, which would have guaranteed them a slot in the playoffs.

A regrettable misplay from Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard on his bring Spectre cued a down spiral, though. The team stopped working to recover in a hard-fought video game two and saw their lead fully overturned in a definitive 3rd game.