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Mineski Philippines is set to open the second leg of the National Interschool Cyber League (NICL) including Valve’s MOBA (multiplayer online fight arena) PC video game Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2).

The 2nd run of the NICL’s local qualifiers is open to groups including senior high school and college trainees aged 16 to 22.

Students enrolled for the academic year 2020-2021 without any stopping working grades are the only ones qualified to join the tournament. Each team should include students from the exact same school, with only one trainee from another school allowed.

The due date for registration is on January 29. Interested parties may visit the Youth Esports Program’s (YEP) Facebook page to sign up.

The top 4 groups from the local qualifiers will advance to the local finals, with a top prize of P30,000.

P150,000 awaits the winner in the grand finals.

The first leg of the NICL, featuring Riot Games’ first-person shooter video game Valorant, was introduced in 2015.

Partnering with the Philippine Collegiate Champions League, Mineski Philippines, through its YEP, launched the NICL to support the grassroots development of esports amongst Filipinos and promote responsible video gaming.

Mineski Global CEO and creator Ronald Robins said he wants more structured programs like the NICL to benefit youth who are aiming for a profession in the thriving esports market.

” Contending in DOTA competitions has opened a lot of doors for me, and I wish to recreate that for today’s youth by providing more available and more structured programs like YEP and NICL. Suffice to state, the 2nd leg of NICL is very near to my heart, and I am inviting all qualified trainees to get involved,” said Robins in a media statement. Niel Victor C. Masoy