The COVID-19 pandemic has cost North American pro sports billions of dollars, and with the United States the world’s leading location for the infection, the cash hemorrhage is predicted to continue for months -perhaps years.

The National Football League has to do with midway through its regular season with some groups playing house games to 10s of countless fans, which has actually assisted curb losses. On the other hand, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League have actually all crowned champs in 2020 and now are arranging considerable profits hits.

Here’s the rundown on the biggest losers, according to New Yorkbased GoBankingRate and Team Marketing Report:


– New York Yankees: $438 million

Like the other 29 clubs, the Yankees played just 30 house games in the abbreviated 60-game routine season rather of 81, without any fans in the stands. Across MLB, losses from empty arenas totaled around $5 billion, but no franchise took a larger hit than the Yanks, whose game-day losses approached a half-billion dollars. Rated the 2nd most valuable sports team on earth behind the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys by Forbes, the Yankees are the only MLB club whose home video games create more than $1 billion each year.

– Los Angeles Dodgers -$ 358 million

The World Series champs are 2nd in terms of forfeited stadium profits. Coming off a single-season franchise presence record in 2019, the Dodgers remain MLB’s 2nd most valuable group behind the Yankees.

– Chicago Cubs: $354 million

Chicago was one of only 3 MLB groups to eclipse the $206 million luxury-tax limit in 2019, with game-day profits at Wrigley Field responsible for almost 20 percent of total team value - an incredible $622 million

– Boston Red Sox: $338 million.

MLB’s third most important club depended on stadium income for almost one-fifth of its combined worth in 2019, or roughly $640 million.


– Los Angeles Lakers: $53 million

LeBron James and company pulled off a hard-fought win over the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, however the group’s coffers showed up almost $53 million brief. The Lakers rank No 2 on the list of the NBA’s many valuable teams, behind the lowly New York Knicks.

– New York City Knicks -$ 45 million

The Huge Apple kids missed out on 8 house games due to the shutdown, and according to an estimation by The Athletic, that made them among the biggest losers at the bank. Regardless of their woeful performance on the court, the Knicks stay the most important team in basketball, thanks to remaining in the world’s biggest and wealthiest media market.


– Toronto Maple Leafs: $42 million

The Maple Leafs, who have actually not won a Stanley Cup because 1967, were hockey’s runaway leaders in lost profits this season, according to Statista. Nearly 30 percent of Toronto’s revenue comes from its stadium, which translated to $423 million in 2019. Regardless of the Canadian dollar being considerably weaker than the US greenback, the Leafs are still amongst the NHL’s most rewarding groups thanks to premium seating income.


– Washington Football Team: $124 million

Starting with its Nov 8 game versus the New york city Giants, the group formerly called the Redskins has allowed a couple of thousand fans in the stands, however according to Forbes it won’t suffice to reverse a serious drain on incomes. As of completion of last season, stadium dollars represented just 14 percent of the franchise’s overall worth.

– San Francisco 49ers: $112 million

Prior to the pandemic, the 49ers announced plans to increase ticket costs by $20 each, but sodas and food products like hotdogs would be complimentary. The NFL’s fifth most important franchise relies on its stadium for $553 million - less than 15 percent of its total value.

– New York City Giants -$ 110 million

Team Marketing Report predicts the Giants will forfeit nine figures in unrealized game-day stadium income this season after generating a massive $722 million in 2019.