Despite being all in favor of the Jamal Adams trade to Seattle, Mike Tannenbaum believes Jets gamers now have a map for leaving the group.

Tannenbaum, a former Jets basic manager, was on ESPN’s Get Up Monday and shared his ideas on the trade that netted the Jets two first-round picks, a third-round pick and a starting safety in Bradley McDougald. Tannenbaum believed what Joe Douglas got in return for Adams was outstanding. However, based upon Tannenbaum’s experience with Darrelle Revis– which is strangely similar story to the Adams saga– the former officer thinks that this relocation opened the door for any gamer to leave the Jets if they wish to.

” I have actually sat in that seat and I handled the exact situation with Darrelle Revis where he seethed at me. His representatives were mad at me. He desired a brand-new agreement,” Tannenbaum stated. “He was a great gamer and we hung in there. I wouldn’t trade him and we found out a service.

” While I believe the Jets and Joe Douglas did a good job over the weekend … there’s a blueprint to get out.”

Douglas, nevertheless, refuted that concept Monday when he spoke with reporters. The existing Jets GM doesn’t believe Adams set any kind of precedent for players to “shoot their escape of town.” Rather, he firmly insisted that the Jets intended on keeping Adams till the Seahawks called with an overwhelming deal.

The Jets had little reward to trade Adams to another team unless they got a deal they could not overlook. Adams was under team control for at least two more seasons and the new CBA makes it harder for gamers to hold out. So even if Adams attempted a holdout, he would’ve been fined a boatload of cash.

When it comes to Jets gamers forcing their method out, what Tannenbaum stated shouldn’t be the case– particularly with a guy like Douglas. No player is untradeable in his mind. If a group calls about a gamer, he’ll answer the phone and listen. From there, he’ll do what’s finest for the company.

So even if Adams got his dream and left the Jets, it doesn’t mean any other player can leave whenever they desire. At the end of the day, Douglas has to do what it requires to improve the Jets and, in this situation, it so occurred to be dealing away their finest gamer.