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Through a statement on its site, miHoYo, the developer behind the successful RPG Genshin Impact, has revealed options regarding the debate that broke out weeks ago due to discontent amongst users about the capabilities of the character Zhongli, which he did not comply with. expectations with your abilities. Which is why the developer has actually revealed a series of adjustments to both the character and the Geo component.

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These modifications will be carried out in the very first circumstances in the beta server of version 1.3 of Genshin Effect, to later be executed worldwide version of the game. So if you remain in this test version you can inspect these settings right now.

The adjustments made are focused on 4 primary elements:

Strengthening Zhongli’s talents Controlling his abilities Enhancing his mechanisms Strengthening essential consonance Geo

About the character Zhongli

1. Passive Talent Adjustment “Rule of Earth”

Initial effect:

Starfall increases damage dealt by 33% of Max Life. of Zhongli.

Impact after change:

The following attacks will increase the damage dealt based on Max Life. from Zhongli:

* Damage dealt by Typical Attacks, Charged Attacks, and Coming down Attacks increased by 1.39% of Max Life. of Zhongli.

* The damage dealt by Dominus lapidis’s stone crest, resonance damage, and hold-down damage are increased by 1.9% of Zhongli’s Max Life.

2. Adjusting the result when holding down Dominus lapidis:

Original effect:

When he casts his Ultimate Capability, he triggers the following impacts around him:

* Develops a jade guard whose damage absorption is proportional to Max Life. from Zhongli, and said guard has 250% absorption effectiveness versus Geo Damage.

* Deals Geo damage in the area of impact.

* If nearby opponents are affected by the Geo Element, it will take in a big amount of Geo Aspect from as much as two targets impacted by that component. This result does no harm.

Effect after change:

When he casts his Ultimate Capability, he causes the list below effects around him:

* If the optimum variety of stone ridges has not yet been reached, he will summon another stone ridge.

* Develops a jade guard whose damage absorption is proportional to Max Life. from Zhongli, and said guard has 150% absorption efficiency versus all Essential Damage and Physical Damage.

* Deals Geo damage in the area of impact.

* If neighboring opponents are impacted by the Geo Aspect, it will soak up a large quantity of Geo Component from approximately two targets affected by that aspect. This result does no damage.

* After change, interrupt RES throughout Ability increased substantially by holding Dominus lapidis

About the Geo element system

1. Settings of the Elemental Consonance Geo “Resilient Rock”:

Original effect:

Boost RES to disrupt. When secured by a guard, increases damage dealt by 15%.

Impact after change:

Shield Defense increased by 15%. When a character is safeguarded by a guard, they deal 15% more damage. When dealing damage against an opponent, that enemy’s Geo RES is reduced by 20% for 15 seconds.

2. Changing the balance of the Geo Guard features:

The Geo Guard, which formerly had “250% absorption effectiveness versus Geo Damage”, has been changed to “150% absorption efficiency versus all Elemental Damage and Physical Damage.”

The following aspects were affected:

* Geo Shield generated by Zhongli’s Elemental Skill.

* Geo Shield created by Noelle’s Elemental Skill.

* Geo Shield generated by getting a Geo Crystal left by a Geo Dragonborn Infant.

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