The Miami Dolphins have a lot of requirements and cash to fill them.

Free company won’t begin till March 17th however for the Miami Dolphins, examinations should have currently started both internally and externally.

The Miami Dolphins need to find out where their needs are and after that focus on those requirements. They have plenty of time thinking about free company won’t begin till March 17th but they need to determine the gamers internally they wish to keep and externally wish to sign off the open market.

Yes, it is early and a great deal of things will change between now and March. Some gamers will get tagged and franchised, others will re-sign with their existing team. Unanticipated releases will take place as will some unexpected trades. For now, we as fans can just take a look at the same thing that the Dolphins brass can look at. The impending players from each group may be able to help Miami should they become offered.

Each group has a list of players that might potentially hit the open market and while many will not, it’s never ever too early to have a look at the possibilities.

For the Dolphins, it begins with an internal appearance at their own approaching free agents. We took a look at those earlier and you can read which players Miami must re-sign by going here.