House party by WVU trainees in Morgantown lead to action by the university and more than 2 lots trainees are suspended. The color coded map puts Monongalia County in red and 8 other counties in orange which means tomorrow begin to the school year in those counties will have to be on-line and not in the classroom. The classification likewise impacts high school football and other extra curricular activities this week. Shootings are under examination from the weekend in Raleigh and Berkeley Counties and the annual Labor Day picnic in Racine would typically be a hot event in a presidential election year-but the gathering will be virtual today for 2020 amidst Covid 19 standards. In Sports, week two of the high school football season is starting, it’s game week for the Mountaineers, and what a coming out party for Marshall quarterback Grant Wells. Those stories and more in today’s MetroNews Today podcast.